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Statement earrings may be the talk of the town, but they aren’t a ‘new’ thing

– and that can be a good thing

Explore an assortment of heirloom pieces that are sure to stand the test of time.

Ovo wears the Wire Double Earcuff by Saskia Diez in gold.

Ear piercings are one of the earliest forms of body modification dating back to 2000 BC, and evidence of adornment in the form of shells and beads dates back over 100,000 (some even argue 200,000) years. Although this trend, arguably, won’t be going anywhere fast, the present-day pairing of sculptural metals with the lustrous and magical sensuosity of the pearl is what is currently making our hearts to beat just a bit out of rhythm.

Take a look at some incredible brands within the conscious jewelry realm who are making beautiful, heirloom pieces with a conscience.

Made in New York

Mounser’s asymmetrical, exaggerated shapes are designed and crafted in New York from 14K gold and rhodium plated brass. The jewelry is seasonless, which means it is always available and will never go on sale. Rather than coming out with big collections that are sold at huge discounts when the next season rolls in, Amanda focuses on creating small capsule collections every couple of months, creating designs that will stay with their wearers for years.

Why we love Mounser: A piece from Mounser’s collection can become that one necklace people always ask about, that pair of earrings that never fails to catch eyes and evoke compliments. Each piece is handcrafted locally and is often made to order. The brand focuses on quality over quantity limiting development to a deliberately edited selection of styles that disobeys the modern fashion calendar’s ravenous, ‘faster is better’ modus operandi in lieu of a more sustainable, thoughtful approach.

Central to Amanda Assad Mounser’s jewelry design is a sculptural approach to her craft. Her pieces reveal something delicate, but are full of personality at the same time, with a constant presence of circular and spherical elements all throughout the collection. Her jewelry aims to be timeless, a life-long investment that you can connect to, wear for decades and eventually pass down. Mounser jewelry is artful, but not outrageous, and will elevate any outfit to a unique ensemble.

Pagoda Fruit Earrings | Gold
Lunar Asymmetric Earrings | Gold
Solar Hoop Earrings | Silver
Reve Naissant Sculptural Studs | Silver

Made in Peru

Monica Sordo


Monica Sordo’s collection is bold, and then some. Having seen many corners of the world, Monica draws inspiration from that journey. She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where her father ran an industrial design workshop – he still advises her in the brand’s manufacturing process today. She went on to study Fashion Styling in Milan, Fashion Merchandising in Madrid and Jewelry Design in New York. Before starting her brand, she was a fashion editor for Marie Claire Spain and held a public relations position at Christian Louboutin. Her travels have brought to her collections an architectural presence, referencing the art deco detailing and iconic buildings Monica loves so much.

What we love about it: in a world where the phrase “less is more” is ironically over-used, Monica Sordo doesn’t shy away from creating bold statement pieces that are full of confidence, fearlessness, and quality. The brand creates jewelry with integrity through their materials and production process, working closely with local Peruvian artisans.

The ever-present angles, shapes, and colors are what makes Monica Sordo’s jewelry so dynamic, unique and breathtaking. The brand prides itself on working closely with local artisans in Lima, Peru, where high standards of design and manufacturing are applied to each piece.

Monica Sordo

Nautilus Earfan Double | Natural Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Red Jasper + 21-karat Gold Plated Brass

Monica Sordo

Brujo Half Orbit Earrings | Natural Pink Rodonite, Green Jade, Red Jasper + 21-karat Gold Plated Brass

Monica Sordo

Cao Earrings | 21-karat Gold Plated Brass

Monica Sordo

Cao Viejo Earrings | 21-karat Gold Plated Brass


Creating opportunity



This brand’s line is perfect for those who prefer adding a touch of detail with a simple piece of jewelry. Each piece features a refined, delicate silhouette and a subtle earthy texture – a testament to the hands that once held and shaped it. At a more delicate price point, these works of art are both admirable and accessible. Even Purpose’s premier line, which is 14k gold and rhodium plated, boasts a more delicate price tag, making this one of our favorite go-to brands for elemental wardrobe staples.

That said, there’s much more than meets the eye with this brand – there’s a reason it’s called Purpose. Founded with the knowledge that economic opportunity and independence is a major hurdle for survivors of human trafficking to overcome, and one that can offer true freedom and healing – Purpose set out to create that opportunity themselves.

Purpose employs women who have been rescued from human trafficking, which means that anyone who invests in a piece from Purpose’s collection is actively contributing to provide these women with financial empowerment – dignity, self-sufficiency, and hope – while supporting a healthful, curative work environment to help foster healing. Through Purpose, these women are able to receive an education, health care and counseling, and can begin to build an even brighter future.

Why Purpose is a clear choice: 100% of the proceeds go to International Sanctuary. The work this brand has done and continues to do is truly amazing; it feels good to do good, especially when you receive a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry for it in return.


Brenn Earrings | Brass


Magnolia Hoops | Brass


Violet Earrings | Silver Tone


Vista Earrings | Rhodium


Made in Germany + Recycled

Saskia Diez


Munich-based jewelry designer Saskia Diez does not select materials or specific techniques based on what she could charge for them once they are molded into her designs, which is why her brand carries a broad price range of accessories, crafted from all types of materials. What is important to her, however, is selecting elements that she feels drawn to, that are sourced sustainably. Consequently, most the gold and silver used in her designs are the product of a recycling process. Two times Saskia utilized materials manufactured in India, and during this time she was present for the entire process, getting to know the women working on them. She values making a contribution to the employment of handcraft in her home country, so her whole line is produced in Germany.

Saskia Diez is not about gallery jewelry, favoring the creation of wearable styles, based on her fascination with the interplay between her work and its wearer. A piece of Saskia Diez jewelry can go any which way, with a collection that ranges from statement pieces in bold colors to delicate bracelets with small pendants. Saskia sees jewelry as something with a purpose; it is a means of expression that makes her feel beautiful and speaks to the power of self-care and respect.

Why we love it: jewelry is an intimate accessory and a very personal style choice; Saskia Diez caters to a wide range of preferences, but still succeeds at weaving a central concept through each collection. Keeping her design and manufacturing local and often using recycled materials, Saskia Diez remains a favorite of ours.

Saskia Diez

Wire Double Earcuff | Gold (plated)

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*As shown above
Saskia Diez

Paillettes Chandellier Earrings | 18 Karat Gold Plated

Saskia Diez

Dancing No2 Gold Plated Pearl Earrings

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Fair Trade Gold + Ethically Sourced Gems

Ana Khouri


Always an extension of their wearer, Ana Khouri’s jewelry molds to the body and follows its lines. The designer has studied all over the globe, starting with Fine Arts specializing in Sculpture in her native Brazil, where she first began to conceptualize how she could create pieces that spoke directly to the body. Ana Khouri headed to New York after that, studying at the Gemological Institute of America and Parsons, before completing a course in jewelry design in London. Khouri is an artist, and her creativity knows no bounds – every single one of her pieces flows naturally and maintains a careful balance with its wearer, standing out and blending in at the same time.

Inspired by her search for purity, Khouri’s approach to jewelry design speaks to her fascination with continuous lines and stripping elements down to the bare essentials. This purity is reflected not only in the shapes of her designs but also in the materials they are molded from; Ana Khouri works with 18K Fair Trade Gold and ethically sourced gemstones, ensuring that each piece pure and true on all levels.

Why we love the brand: there’s something undeniably enticing about the way Ana Khouri’s jewelry flows, reminding us of the beauty of the human body, and enhancing it. 

Ana Khouri

Marie Pearl Ear Cuff | 18-karat Gold + Pearl

Ana Khouri

Amelie | 18-karat Gold + Diamond

Ana Khouri

Lily Earring | 18-karat Gold + Pearl

Ana Khouri

Norah | 18-karat Gold + Diamond


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