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Extend summer with styles that won’t fade with the season

As the brilliance of summer’s twilight begins to unfold, we take a more in-depth look into some of the most thoughtful investment styles of the moment – diving into an edited selection of paradisal pieces that flow effortlessly from season to season, bringing the heat with them.

Ovo wears Flagpole Swim‘s Classic Ali in Black with Mounser‘s Pagoda Fruit Earrings.

Biodegradable and providing a natural level of SPF, Janessa Leone‘s packable straw hats are an ideal match for any sun-dweller or all-weather, style enthusiast alike. Their pieces, like the Marcell,  are handcrafted in the United States of Toquilla straw from Ecuador.

Vintage pieces such as the Eugenia Kim Rebel Straw Hat or the Eric Javits Woven Straw Visor can be stylish and sustainable as well – reducing, reusing, and giving styles new life.

With earthy and modern designs which explore asymmetry and amoebic shape, Mounser produces made-to-order pieces of natural materials by hand in New York. Ovo wears the Pagoda Fruit Earrings.

Illesteva‘s Isabella is a pair of sunglasses crafted of 100% cellulose acetate. Each unique batch of acetate is blended and shaped by hand by expert craftsmen in a family owned and operated factory in Italy.

Cellulose acetate is a renewable and hypoallergenic (albeit synthetically created) material that comes from all-natural fibers such as wood and cotton. Unlike its petroleum-based plastic counterpart, cellulose acetate can be produced with significantly less harmful byproducts and is ultimately biodegradable.

Known for their graphic quality and spirited vibe, Flagpole Swim blends the strength and vibrance that lies within every woman. Each piece is made and designed in New York, keeping manufacturing both close and personal.

In the spirit sustainability (through the focus of creating an essential, multi-use wardrobe), wearing a swimsuit off the beach as a sleek bodysuit under layers or as an activewear style, can increase and expand the value of the piece – making it an effortless, seasonless go-to staple.

Saskia Diez speaks to a sense of elegant minimalism and simplistic beauty, featuring organically inspired shapes and natural materials. Designed and produced locally, these pieces are each handmade by goldsmiths throughout Germany (Munich, Pforzheim, and Werne), using gold and silver from primarily recycled sources.

Ovo wears the Wire Double Earcuff by Saskia Diez in gold.

Featured Product

(and some bonus skincare)

Flagpole Swim
Classic Ali | Black
*As shown above
Isabella Sunglasses | Black with grey flat lenses
*As shown above
Pagoda Fruit Earrings | Gold
*As shown above
Janessa Leone
Marcell Packable Straw Hat
Manda Organics
Reef-Safe SPF | Organic Sun Paste
All-Natural Sunset Oil
Vintner’s Daughter
All-Natural Active Botanical Serum
MD Solar Sciences
Reef-Safe SPF | Mineral BB Creme

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